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“2018 Symposium on Large Aperture Antenna Reflection Measurement and Active ... [2019-01-02]
Memorandum of Agreement between the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, Chines... [2018-12-05]
Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of the Chinese Aca... [2018-08-21]
2018 Colloquium on START/QTT Science and Technology Held in Urumqi [2018-07-26]
Erken·Tuniyaz, Member of the Standing Committee, and Leaders Inspected the Q... [2018-05-25]
XAO researchers visited the Macau University of Science and Technology [2018-04-11]
Manglik·Esti, the Vice President of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Inspect... [2018-02-28]
Take Roots in Xinjiang; Bond with the Heaven: Successful Holding of the Confe... [2017-09-30]
Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region... [2017-09-02]
The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Astronomical Society of China was held at Urum... [2017-08-14]
QiTai radio Telescope (QTT) Preliminary Design Advisory Workshop held in Urumqi [2017-06-30]
Visited by Professor Ziyuan Ouyang to XAO [2017-06-16]
The Site Office Meeting for QTT Project Was Successfully Held [2017-05-18]
The Visit of Ma Xudong from the Party Secretary of Qitai County Committee, Xi... [2017-05-22]
LIU weiping, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and the Vice Preside... [2016-10-14]
The START Workshop held successfully in Urumqi [2013-09-30]
QTT International Advisory Workshop [2012-12-16]
Groundbreaking Ceremony of Qitai Base [2012-10-01]
1.3cm Dual Polarized Cryogenic Receiver Passed the Acceptance Check [2012-10-01]
Installation of 1m wide-field telescope of XAO [2012-10-01]
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