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The colloquium on 1.93-m optical telescope held to enhance cooperation on telescope construction
2023-05-30| 【A A A【Print】【Close】
The colloquium on 1.93-m optical telescope was held in Atushi city from May. 25 to 29, 2023. More than 150 scholars and students from over 30 institutes, universities and governmental units attended the colloquium.

The 1.93-m optical telescope is jointly built by Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory (XAO), Beijing Normal University, Nanjing Institute of Astronomy and Optical Telescope, Xinjiang University and the local government of Kizilsu Kirghis Autonomous Prefecture.

At the colloquium, the five partners stated that the 1.93-m optical telescope represented not only a significant step to the optical facility construction in the western China, but also a vigorous promotion for the scientific development and talent cultivation in Kizilsu Kirghis Autonomous Prefecture. And they also said that they will spare no efforts to accelerate the construction of the telescope with cutting-edge technologies.

In addition, the construction of the 1.93-m optical telescope kicked off at the Muztagh station of XAO on May 27. It is expected that the telescope will make significant contributions to deep space exploration, the study of gravitational waves, supernove, AGN, exoplanet search and near-Earth object monitoring.

 The cold and dry high-altitude climates together with a sparse population far away from the city make the Muztagh site as one of the most preferred site for optical observations, and we look forward that more astronomical institutes will be attracted to establish their telescopes at Muztagh site in the future, and we believe that the site will be a shinning pearl at the Silk Road Economic Belt. said Dr. WANG Na, the Director of XAO. 

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