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Research News
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Research News
The 2019 Workshop on Molecular Cloud and Star Formation was Successfully Held [2019-07-23]
Research progress of the light variations in high-amplitude delta Scuti star [2019-07-17]
The Workshop on Frontier Science and Technology of the QTT/START Held in Urumqi [2019-07-17]
Molecular environs and triggered star formation around the large Galactic inf... [2019-06-28]
The International Workshop on Astrochemistry (2019) Held in Xi’an [2019-06-14]
Changes in spin-down rate and intermittent pulsars [2019-05-17]
XAO Wins 2018 Newcomb Cleveland Prize as a Member of Research Team of the Mic... [2019-05-07]
Research progress of the formaldehyde absorption line in Molecular Clouds [2019-04-16]
The structured jet was discovered in a binary neutron star merger [2019-03-06]
The 4th International Youth Forum on Antenna Multidisciplinary Design and Mea... [2019-01-30]
High-mass Outflows Identified from COHRS CO (3–2) Survey [2018-12-12]
The spin-down state change and mode change associated with glitch activity of... [2018-12-05]
Research progress of filamentary structures in Molecular Clouds [2018-11-13]
"A Method for Extracting Interference Signals Based on Wideband Spectrum" Won... [2018-10-29]
Research progress in grain surface chemistry at astrochemistry group of Xinji... [2018-10-23]
Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory Successfully Hosted the Chemical Kinetics i... [2018-09-30]
Dr. Yao Jumei from Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory Won the China Top Cited ... [2018-09-30]
Research progress of the light variations in the high-amplitude delta Scuti star [2018-09-25]
The 7th Youth Astronomy Forum of the Chinese Astronomical Society was held in... [2018-09-03]
2018 Stars Clusters’ Symposium Held in Urumqi [2018-08-07]
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