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Evolution of LMXBs under Different Magnetic Braking Prescriptions
2021-03-31| 【A A A【Print】【Close】

MB plays a vital role in LMXB evolution; however, its mechanism has not been well understood. The traditional MB law faces difficulties in explaining the observational characteristics of LMXBs and MSPs, such as the discrepancy between the calculated MT rates and the observed mass accretion rates of LMXBs and the conflict between the calculated and observed orbital period distribution of BMSPs. 

There are various alternative proposals for the MB laws and we combine detailed binary evolution calculation with binary population synthesis to examine their influence on LMXB evolution. We mainly compare the MT rates of LMXBs and the orbital period distribution of binary pulsars with observations. In addition, we explore the formation efficiency of binary pulsars with   0.11 day under different MB laws. 

Out results indicate that the τ-boosted (Convection boosted) and the VI19 MB laws may be more suitable for the LMXB evolution compared with other models. The observed properties of most NS LMXBs could be reproduced, including the distributions of the orbital periods, donor masses, and MT rates, as well as the orbital period distribution of binary pulsars, especially for the binary pulsars with orbital periods of   0.11 day. The results have been published in The Astrophysical Journal (ApJ, 2021, 909, 1744).

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Table 1 : Comparison of the Effectiveness of Different MB Models in Reproducing the Properties of Persistent (Upper) and Transient (Lower) LMXBs

Figures:  Comparison of the calculated orbital period distributions of binary pulsars with observations, which are shown with the red and blue curves, respectively.

Contact: DENG Zhuling

Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences


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