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Research News
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Research News
Radio pulsars are fast rotating and highly magneti [2020-08-04]
G15.684-0.29: One of the Largest Galactic Infrared Bubbles Showing Strong Evi... [2020-07-16]
New research progress of rotating spheroids in the weak gravity field approxi... [2020-07-15]
Detection of HCN molecules in comet 46P [2020-06-19]
Study on the Formation of A Special Source: Binary Millisecond Pulsar PSR J1... [2020-04-27]
Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory researchers find tidal tail structure in cl... [2020-04-21]
Research progress on study of intermittent pulsar [2020-04-17]
Periodic mode changing in PSR J1048-5832 [2020-04-07]
2019 Symposium for Female Astronomers [2019-12-31]
Seminar on Exchange and Cooperation between Beijing Normal University and Xin... [2019-12-20]
Variations in pulsar subpulse drift rate [2019-12-13]
Research Progress in the Energy Dissipation of Solar Wind Burst and Particles... [2019-12-05]
Project Acceptance Meeting of 973 Program on the Key Technologies for 110-m A... [2019-10-10]
Effects of infall and outflow on massive star-forming regions [2019-10-11]
Spatial Variation of the Chemical Properties of Massive Star-forming Clumps [2019-10-11]
Carbon isotope ratio in starburst galaxies [2019-10-11]
Periodic Q-mode modulation in PSR J1825-0935 [2019-09-03]
Across-Strait Conference on Astronomy Science Held in Urumqi [2019-08-21]
Inception Workshop on the Muztaghata 1.93-m Optical Telescope [2019-07-29]
The 12th Zhang Heng Academic Workshop was successfully held in Urumqi [2019-07-22]
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