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2019 Symposium for Female Astronomers
2019-12-31| 【A A A【Print】【Close】

From 26-27 December, more than 70 experts, researchers and students from astronomical institutes and universities all over China gathered together at the Nanshan Site for the 2019 Symposium for Female Astronomers, organized by Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, CAS (XAO).

In the welcome speech, Dr. WANG Na, director of XAO, expressed her sincere appreciation to the participants, followed by introducing the overall developments, future plan of XAO and the purpose of the female astronomer committee of China.

WANG Jingxiu, Academician of the National Astronomical Observatory, CAS, objectively analyzed the opportunities and challenges that China astronomy is facing through comparing the astronomical literature data at home and overseas and using example contributions by female astronomers from all over the world. CUI Xiangqun, Academician of Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & Technology, CAS, introduced the current development of optical telescopes in China in the context of the international developing process for astronomical telescopes and cutting-edge technologies. She encouraged everyone to grasp the best development period.

During the symposium, participants delivered reports on their works and achievements, showing gorgeous successes in the astrophysics, astronomical techniques, space targets and debris. Female astronomers are tireless in research work and in pursuing excellence, and they take the responsibility of scientists in the new era of China. Using their own efforts to hold up the beautiful starry sky, female astronomers have played an irreplaceable role in the development of astronomy in China.

During this time, the participants observed the partial solar eclipse at the Sun Plaza, Nanshan site, and visited the 26-meter VLBI laboratory and other laboratories at the Nanshan Site. 

Group Photo

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