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Professor Harald Schuh of Vienna University of Science and Technology Visited XAO
2012-09-22| 【A A A【Print】【Close】
From August 24th to 26th, 2012, Professor Harald Schuh of Vienna University of Science and Technology has Visited XAO.
During the visit, Professor Harald Schuh gave an academic lecture on Geodetic VLBI and Its Future Perspectives. The lecture was divided into two parts: the first part is about the basic concept and present situation of Geodetic VLBI, the second part is about the 2010 plan of Geodetic VLBI. After the lecture, Professor Harald Schuh answered different questions and had a heated discussion with the attendants.
Accompanied by the researchers, Professor Harald Schuh visited Nanshan site of XAO. Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, as an IVS reference station, has a history of 20 years of geodetic VLBI observation. Professor Harald Schuh expressed his appreciation for the great importance of XAO in IVS joint observation, and reached an initial intent of cooperation on geodetic VLBI research, hoping the two sides can keep close contact with each other in this field.
Professor Harald Schuh is the vice-chairman of IAG, and the chairman of IVS and the 19th committee of IAU. He has engaged in geodetic VLBI research for 30 years, and has rich experience as well as deep understanding in this field. The group he is leading in Vienna has many outstanding research achievements on geodetic VLBI.

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