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Zhan Wenlong Inspected the Site of Large Diameter Radio Telescope
2011-05-30| 【A A A【Print】【Close】

On August 18, 2010, Zhan Wenlong, the vice-president of Chinese Academy of Sciences, inspected the candidate site of Xinjiang 80-m radio telescope at Shihezi village, Qitai County.

During the visit, the vice-president Zhan Wenlong heard the reports on site selection and site environment and then inspected the site. Zhan Wenlong gave high regards and full affirmation for the work and expressed his thanks to the supports given by Qitai County. He thought Shihezi village of Qitai County was an excellent site for constructing a large diameter radio telescope, and expressed his approval as well as support for the project. He also asked about the surrounding environments, such as radio interference, water, weather and transportation.

From the result of the preliminary selection, it is analyzed that both the large diameter radio telescope and the optical telescope can be established at the new site. At present, researchers at the observatory are strengthening the monitoring work toward the new site. Through continuous efforts, a comprehensive as well as world-classic astronomical base can be established in Qitai.

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