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XAO has completed two GNSS Reference Station Network Construction of national land state
2011-05-27| 【A A A【Print】【Close】

Recently, the Urumqi Astronomical Station completed the construction projects of the Wu LasiTai & Bayanbulak two GNSS stations and base stations.

The project was the construction of Mainland China Tectonic Environment Monitoring Network("Land Ecological Network" for short). It was two of 260 GNSS reference stations. It was organized by by the National Development and Reform Commission in October 2006 , in November 2006 to issue change the high-tech [2006] 2174, approved the project proposal of the project. Since 2006, Our station has completed site survey, field testing, data collection, the author establishment of the station program, the preparation of design report, land acquisition, design drawings, construction observation pier and observation room, equipment installation and commissioning work for two GNSS Reference Stations.

In 2009, the civil work and data collation of two GNSS base stations has been successfully completed. In May 2010, "Land Ecological Network" has carried out acceptance of construction data and then archived. The score was 99, and reviewed “excellent”. In September 2010, based on station operating procedures, our station completed two GNSS reference stations GPS receivers, meteorological instruments, UPS equipment, balanced power supply system, such as special cabinet installation and commissioning, and recorded relevant data. GNSS reference station currently had accessed to two experimental stages, was operating normally.

The construction conditions as well as natural conditions were very tough during the construction of the two base stations. Under the strong leadership and great support of staffs, we complete the various tasks with good quality and on time. No matter in the establishment of the station, or in the data archiving, equipment installation and other aspects,we all did well and got credit for it by the Mainland China Tectonic Environment Monitoring Network.

Land Ecological Network is based on a global network of satellite navigation and positioning system (GNSS), supplemented by very long baseline interferometry(VLBI), satellite laser ranging (SLR) and synthetic aperture radar interferometry (InSAR) and other space technology, combining with precision Gravity measurements and precise leveling observation techniques, then monitoring the changes of mainland of China and adjacent areas of tectonic environment (Earth lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere) in real-time. This Project will achieve three goals in scientific, engineering and applied, and provide important scientific issues related to the basis of data and applications for the current movement, earthquake prediction, geodynamics, geodesy, atmospheric science and space science


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