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XAO finished the training of Nigeria foreign guests
2011-05-27| 【A A A【Print】【Close】

Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory finished the training of six scientific staffs in Nigerian National Space Research and Development Basic Space Science Center about engineering technology and research from 10th, Nov, 2010 to 25th, Jan, 2011.

According to the arrangement of leadership, Nanshan base VLBI laboratory took the foreign guests’ training mission. According to the foreign guests’ actual condition, we made a thorough training plan. The training content mainly had laboratory management (including observation plans and duty arrangements, recording observation logs, observation everyday); Antenna system composition and working principle, antenna control system and operation; Front-end system composition and working principle, the equipment  introduced and operation; Terminal system composition and working principle, the equipment  introduced and operation; Time-frequency system working principle and operation; Antenna measurements and adjustment, etc. In the training, our researchers introduced to foreign guests our station was engaged in international VLBI observation, the domestic VLBI observation, lunar observation, Mars observations and astronomical research in the field of pulsars, molecular spectral lines, IDV observation and research work, etc.

Through the 64 days’ training, Nigeria technological staffs understood the front receiving system of 25 meters radio telescope, terminal recording system and time-frequency system, grasps the operation of antenna console, driving cabinet and changing feedback system. Not only learned the organization observation and the processing of observation data, but learned the advanced management experience. All of these can help them manage and operate the radio telescope after their returning.

Training foreign technological staffs is the first time for our station. It’s a good chance for our future work in this area.


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