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The working progress of Urumqi Observatory 1m rich-field telescope
2011-05-11| 【A A A【Print】【Close】

Urumqi Observatory (UO) 1m rich-field telescope made a contract by the way of international competitive bidding in May 2009. Ultimately, Germany APM-Telescopes Company won the bid after a review of the respondent.

The demonstration about the preliminary design of infrastructure and observed terminal of the telescope was held in UO from Jan.22nd to Jan.23rd, 2010. After listening to relevant reports, the experts discussed telescope architecture design details and long-term planning, and put forward reasonable suggestions. The meeting about development of 1m telescope control system and terminal system and the detailed design of the dome was held in Nanjing between Mar.9th and Mar.10th, 2010. The participants discussed the design proposal of 1m rich-field telescope in depth.

The project team members of National Astronomical Observatories (NAOC) and UO went to Germany to check and accept the telescope at Sep.14th, 2010. The components and accessories of the telescope were field tested, and then the certificates and technical parameters of purchased equipments and accessories were audited. On the basis of project progress, project team put forward the working requirements of next stage, and discussed issues about the shipping and import of the telescope with APM-telescopes Company. The telescope was assembled and debugged by the end of September, meanwhile, project team communicated with APM-Telescopes Company in time to learn the progress and the technical index of telescope. APM-Telescopes Company also informed the problems and solutions timely during regulation. Both sides agreed on making a perfect telescope.

APM-Telescopes Company informed project team that the assembly and debug of the telescope had been successfully completed and had operated as expected at Dec.17th, 2010. The testing reports and audiovisual materials of 1m rich-field telescope were sent to project team. According to testing reports, the indexes meet the requirements of contract well and parts of index exceed.

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