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Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory Employment Opportunities
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Hundred-Talent Program
Recruitment of international eminent researchers
Got at least 3 years continuously scientific work overseas; below age of 40; below 45 for those who are outstanding in scientific study.
2.Have made a systematic analysis in research work; produce international innovative results in the forefront of international scientific field; has published influential papers on core journals or mastered key technology; owns important patent for invention.
3.Have some influence in academia; could grasp the direction for further development of its own field; have a longer strategic thinking; can lead a team to do the research and produce international innovative results in the forefront of international scientific field.
4.Shall carry forward scientific spirits, observe academic norms, abide by professional ethics, and be honest and trustworthy;
5.Must work full time.
Enjoy the same pay package as researcher of XAO.
2.Once elected, 2.6 million RMB research funds including 0.6 million RMB to solve housing problem can be obtained. Meanwhile, 0.7 million research grants will be provided by XAO.
3.For other relevant funding supporting, the candidate can also apply for it.
4.Be entitled for the benefits of 2000RMB per month in 3 years.
5.80 thousand RMB living allowance will be provided by XAO.
Application documents should include: 1) fill out the Hundred Talent Program recommendation form, 2) curriculum vitae, 3) published papers and books from past decades and representative works in past 5 years, 4) copies of identification card (or passport)and diplomas as well as appointment letters and documentary evidence of research achievements, 5) 3 recommendation letters from experts in this field, 6) health certificate, 7) Two 2-inch color photos of recent bareheaded full-faced.
Application should be addressed to H.R department of Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory or directly send E-mail to
Contact information:
150, Science 1-Street, Urumqi, Xinjiang 830011, China

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