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Visited by Professor Ziyuan Ouyang to XAO
2017-06-16| 【A A A【Print】【Close】
On 13 June 2017, Professor Ziyuan Ouyang, Chief Scientist of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program and Chinese Professor of Cosmochemistry and Geochemistry, visited XAO and met with Director Na Wang. Professor Ziyuan Ouyang has been honored as the “Father of Chang’e Program”.

Dr. Na Wang, Director of XAO, introduced the basic status of XAO, including the development history of the observatory, main research areas and scientific achievements. Professor Ziyuan Ouyang recognized the difficulties involved in converting and developing XAO from the previous “Urumqi Satellite Observation Station” to a comprehensive astronomical observatory. He acknowledged different generations of XAO’s researchers for their great efforts and persisting commitment in the pursuit of astronomical research, which have been turned into remarkable contributions to the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program.

Dr. Aili·Yusup, Chief Engineer of Nanshan Station, presented the missions related to the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, which are being undertaken by XAOand the results of the 25-m radio telescope transformation. Professor Ziyuan Ouyang stated that XAO has successfully utilized all the available resources to prolong the life expectancy and improve the measuring accuracy of the 25-m radio telescope. XAO will play a much more important role in the Lunar Exploration Program.

Professor Ziyuan Ouyang has been very concern about the construction of the 110-m aperture fully steerable radio telescope (QTT) project. He wishes the project success and finishes ahead of schedule and meets the needs of development of China. With unique observing environment and excellent geographical location, QTT will significantly advance the measuring accuracy of the Chinese VLBI network (CVN). When the project finishes, QTT will be one of the most important scientific facilities in China, which will enable XAO to make more contribution to the Lunar Exploration Program and provide a strong promise for execution of the Mars Exploration Plan.

Professor Ziyuan Ouyang visiting and guiding the work of XAO

Aili·Yusup, Chief engineer of Nanshan Station, is introducing the missions that are related to Chinese Lunar Exploration Program and being undertaken by XAO.



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