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Research News
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Research News
XAO NanShan 26-m Radio Telescope Successfully Ran 4-Gbps VLBI Test Observations [2024-03-21]
Researchers have made progress studying the carbon-rich AGB star IRC+10216 (C... [2024-03-21]
Study highlights impact of C/O ratio on sulfur depletion in TMC-1 [2024-03-21]
Researchers Discover a New Pulsar Possibly Associated with a Supernova Remnant [2024-03-07]
Researchers carry out H2CO observations of the Perseus molecular cloud using ... [2024-02-02]
High resolution study reveals the radio nature of the magnetic propeller cata... [2024-01-25]
Workshop on Pulsar and Nanohertz Gravitational Waves Detection Held at XAO [2024-01-19]
Researchers certify seven large-amplitude δ Scuti stars [2023-12-12]
Researchers develop new method for measuring and correcting the pointing erro... [2023-11-03]
Study provides deeper insight into artificial intelligence object detection a... [2023-10-19]
The measurement of the magnetic field in the eclipse medium of a spider pulsa... [2023-10-17]
Researchers found correlations between multiband light curves of PKS 1510-089 [2023-10-08]
Researchers Discovered Annular Distribution of SiC2 towards carbon-rich AGB s... [2023-09-28]
Monitoring of Radio Galaxy M87 Confirms Black Hole Spin [2023-09-28]
Researchers discover the gravitational collapse and accretion flows in hub fi... [2023-09-11]
The Central Asia radio-Astronomy Training Workshop held to enhance cooperatio... [2023-09-06]
Researchers reveal the origin and lensing effect on repeating fast radio burst [2023-08-25]
Researchers propose new technology to improve the observation sensitivity of QTT [2023-08-25]
The pulsar discoveries by FAST/CRAFTS: follow-up timing of 24 pulsars [2023-08-24]
Researchers develop oversampled channelization technology for radio astronomy... [2023-08-23]
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