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Kashi satellite-ground stations

Kashi satellite-ground stations located in the Mushtag eastern road, east Lake District, the city of Kashi--- western border of our country. It is the only measuring orbit station of Chinese Area Positioning System in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and it was undertaking many important tasks, such as the “Chinese Area Positioning System " and "Chinese Beidou Satellite Navigation System “and so on. It can provide lots of observation data every day. These data have a very wide range of applications in geodesy and geodynamics aspects, besides, including the ionosphere, meteorology, reference frame, precise time transfer, high-resolution forecasting the earth rotation rate and its change, crustal movement, etc. Currently, there are 9 staffs in Kashi station, including 5 professional staffs, 4 logistics management staffs.

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