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Bainbuluke GNSS Station

China Environmental Monitoring Network Structure is one of twelve Major National Science and Technology Infrastructure Construction Projects of the National High Technology Industry Development Project. It is led by China Earthquake Administration, and is jointly constructed by Surveying and Drawing Bureau of Headquarters of the General Staff, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, China Meteorological Administration and Ministry of Education.
The main constructions of China Environmental Monitoring Network Structure include reference net, local area network and data system. The reference net is the main frame of the network structure, containing 260 GNSS reference stations for continuous observation. Bainbuluke GNSS station is one of the 260 reference stations.
Bainbuluke district is located at the southern part of Tianshan Mountain and the northwest of Hejing County, and is composed of two basins and hilly grassland. It borders on Hejing County in the southeast, and is next to Gongliu County in the southwest and adjacent to Xinyuan County in the north. With the altitude of 2500 meters, it is 288 kilometers away from the county seat, stretching over 270 kilometers from east to west and 136 kilometers from north to south. As the biggest subalpine meadow steppe, the total area is 23868 square kilometers, occupying 60% of the total area of the county.

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