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Receiver group is mainly responsible for the maintenance, updating, reconstruction, development of receiver system equipment. The main research direction is microwave receiver, the refrigeration, the low noise amplifier, broadband filter, broadband polarizer, broadband feed, radio frequency interference, multi-beam focal plane array , phase array feed technology, electromagnetic compatibility evaluation and high sensitivity radio astronomy demand, etc.

We participated in the manufacture of 6cm dual polarization refrigeration receiver research in Max Planck radio astronomy investigation institute Bonn, Germany, participated in the installation and observation of whole observation system in Nanshan 25m radio telescope of Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory; 6cm receiver is one of the most sensitive receiver with the same band at an international level, and it plays an important role on the galactic plane patrol, IDV, molecular spectral line and other subject research.


            6cm receiver                  1.3cm receiver

We finished the project of "1.3cm dual polarization refrigeration receiver manufacture " which is undertaken by Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory ,Chinese Academy of Sciences. The project is the Chinese Academy of Sciences instrument development project, obtained the support by Chinese Academy of Sciences and Natural Science Foundation of China, has completed the overall acceptance. It is running the observations in Nanshan 25 m radio telescope , and carry out VLBI, galactic plane NH3 patrol and other observation research .And on this basis, we start to develop new generation of broadband receiver, FPA, PAF. At present, we are preparing the patent application and thesis of 1.3 cm dual polarization refrigeration receiver.

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